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                IMON - Is Made Of Nature

                The INNOVATIVE BIOfunctional PRODUCTS of I-M-O-N are based on published research results and clinical studies. Their ingredients are of 100% natural origin – based on active ingredients from the rich Greek biodiversity. They contain rich macro and micronutrients, as well as naturally enriched antioxidants. They can be used on the basis of a balanced healthy diet which ensures the absolute metabolic balance in the body and enhances, in a completely natural way, the possibility of self-healing. Research over the past five years has provided compelling evidence for the influence of nutritional factors on specific molecular systems and mechanisms that maintain body and mental function.

                BENEFITS & USES

                I-M-O-N products act at a cellular level, strengthening the body and mind performance. On a daily basis, they can have therapeutical benefits :
                – improving gastrointestinal floral and function
                – reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease
                – anti-ageing action
                – anti-inflammatory action
                – increase the muscle mass
                – increase the antioxidant defence and health prevention against metabolic diseases, such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular and diseases related to the redox state of the body.

                I-M-O-N products prepare your body to absorb the necessary nutrients from meals. They and can also support a healthy eating plan for weight loss.

                The IMON products are;
                - 100 % natural and high-quality ingredients
                - inspired by Greek biodiversity
                - based on official health claims
                - produced under strict quality standards
                - supported by clinical trials and top scientific research publications
                - certified by leading certification authorities such as HACCP and ISO
                - tested for the effectiveness
                - have a wonderful taste
                - awarded

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                Aromatic Green Olive Oil with Oregano


                Aromatic Green Olive Oil with Thyme

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