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Based in Toronto, Canada, Kolonaki Fine Foods & Beverages is a leading importer and distributor of fine foods and beverages from Greece and the Mediterranean.

Over the past decade, we have shared many meals and sampled thousands of items on our journey to find the products with the perfect taste and ingredients. We are passionate about sourcing difficult to find eclectic products with taste profiles influenced by geographical conditions, historical and cultural traditions.

Our portfolio consists of over 100 high-quality products sourced from family-run businesses, many of which are best in class. We collaborate with chefs from Europe and North America to expertly curate everything for your kitchen table.

Within our food and beverage collection we offer a suite of health and wellness products to best help with homeostasis and life in balance.

Our products are available in supermarkets, fine foods stores and boutiques throughout the USA and Canada and globally via our website, delivering directly to your kitchen and dining table.




Steve Kriaris

Steve Kriaris is an entrepreneur, consultant, philanthropist, and the founder and president of KOLONAKI Group of Companies. Born and raised in Toronto to immigrant parents, he grew up with a strong connection to Greece and his European heritage.

Steve's entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age. KOLONAKI Group was born after a trip to his parent's homeland in his early twenties when he realized the absence of quality products from the Mediterranean in Canada. He was the first to bring natural Greek mineral water to Canada in 2000. During subsequent business trips back to Europe, it was apparent to him that Canadians were missing out on quality and delectable Mediterranean wines. He quickly expanded his company to include fine wines, beers and spirits.

Steve has spent most of the last two decades growing his company, which now consists of three divisions; Kolonaki Fine Wines, Kolonaki Fine Foods, and Kolonaki Fine Lifestyle. In addition to importing fine products, Steve enjoys creating his own. Ten years ago, he started his own wine label, Thalia, using grapes from Crete. His most recent creation is Da Capo espresso and Three Little Figs spread.

In 2012 he was recognized by The Hellenic Canadian Board of Trade with the Business Achievement Award. Steve is an example of creating a successful business by incorporating one's passions. His company is his lifestyle by masterfully combining his favorite things. Travelling to locate craft wines, beers, spirits, fine foods from the Mediterranean and beyond, and being in touch with Mother Nature through the flavors that reflect the land, sea, and the sun and telling stories of unique producers of the world.


Anastasiia Mosiichuk

Operations Manager Kolonaki Group of Companies and Orama Brands

Anastasiia Mosiichuk is an Operations Manager with a passion for streamlining processes in the supply chain. She has worked at Kolonaki Group of Companies for over three years, where she has excelled in her roles.

Anastasiia has attended trade shows, evaluated potential suppliers, and built productive relationships with existing suppliers, all while creating production forecasts to optimize inventory flow and negotiating cost-effective supplier purchases. She has managed PO allocations, prepared container consolidation, and processed import and export documentation. Additionally, she has developed PCPs and SOPs to comply with CFIA, as well as leveraging her knowledge of economics to develop pricing strategies.

Anastasiia has also established and maintained client relationships, supported sales team members to drive growth, and created presentation materials suitable for sales, customer relations, and management purposes.

Voula Monoholias
Marketing & Communications, Global
Voula graduated with Honours from Humber College in Business Marketing. She has 12+ years of experience working in all facets of marketing. Much of her career has been spent in the hospitality and aviation industries, gaining a solid customer-centric approach. She has a passion for building relationships between brands and customers using technology and communications. Her specialties include copywriting, digital and social media strategy, photography and creative content creation. 

When she isn't passionately creating content for her favourite wines, spirits, and fine food brands, she's daydreaming of how to get Kolonaki Group to sponsor her bucket list trip to Champagne, France.


Vicky Spanos
Sales Representative

Vicky brings over 20 years of visual design and sales experience. Over time she realized each meaningful endeavour began or resulted around the table. Having grown up in the restaurant industry, she has a deep appreciation for fine foods and beverages and their ability to bring people together. She values quality foods and beverages that encourage people to sit around the table, spark conversation and enjoy the simple things in life!

Vicky has a passion for health and wellness and enjoys introducing others to products that are beneficial to good health.


Kirk Karataras
Director of Operations, British Columbia

Jenny Siormanolakis
Accounts Manager

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